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Phone Sex We hope that you love to be humiliated in public because thatís what its all about here!
We love nothing more than to make you look small while out we love to dress you up like a dirty little tart and send you off to the shops but we bet you like that donít you?
Our mistresses love a willing fool like you to call them so that they can tell you what to wear when you go to the shops.
But thatís not the end of it they love to see you try and walk in high heeled shoes then laugh at you when you fall but the best thing is watching other people laugh at you and point at you.
Our mistresses are professional humiliation mistresses who will do anything to get their kicks and to watch you make a complete fool of yourself they can even make you feel as small as your tiny cock over the phone.
Call now let us make you feel small and let us take the piss out of you, all calls are 100% uncensored and 100% genuine so come on what are you waiting for? Get dialling and get ready!




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